Supercharge Your Sales with Favizone's Email Automation

Experience the power of automation with favizone' automated emails. Capitalize on various customer touchpoints – from post-purchase follow-ups to addressing cart abandonment and re-engaging inactive users.


Intelligent Email Automation Designed for E-commerce

Empower Your Business with Tailored Emails

Pre-built Automations for Every Step

Craft personalized emails that practically send themselves, allowing you to drive sales without increasing your workload. From cart abandonment recovery to customer reactivation, our Automations Library offers pre-built workflows for every step of your customer journey, enhancing conversions and engagement.

favizone email marketing

Advanced Automation Settings

Customize and trigger each flow to suit your specific needs and preferences. Combine site triggers like time since the last visit or abandoned cart with actions such as order placement. Utilize segmentation to filter your audience based on purchase behaviors, ensuring highly targeted messaging.

favizone email marketing

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Drive more revenue by reminding subscribers about products in their cart.

Customer Reactivation

Encourage customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while to revisit your store and place an order.

Website visitor re-engagement

Win back customers who haven't purchased from your store within a set period of time.

Post-purchase Follow-up

Target new and returning buyers, thank them for their purchases and give them tailored recommendations.

Replenishment & Repurchase

Send your customers re-purchase and replenishment reminders for items they have purchased in your store to encourage them to reorder the same or a similar product.

Browse Abandonment

Re-engage your visitors when they leave your website. Remind them about specific products that caught their attention while browsing.

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